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How to Send Bitcoin to Someone: A Beginner’s Guide

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Send Bitcoin to Someone

Bitcoin is the world’s leading decentralized digital currency that enables anyone across the globe with an Internet connection to store, send, and receive money in a secure, borderless manner. In this guide, you will learn how to send bitcoin to someone using the Relai app. 

What is Relai?

Relai is a beginner-friendly bitcoin investing app that allows anyone in Europe to buy bitcoin within minutes. With Relai, you don’t have to sign up for an account or give any personal documents or information when using the Relai app.

The Relai wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means you are in complete control over your funds as only you hold your wallet’s private keys. 

Now that you know what Relai is, let’s discuss how to send bitcoin to a wallet address using the app.

How to Send Bitcoin to Someone Using Relai

To send money to a bitcoin address, you first need to download a bitcoin wallet like the Relai app. You can download Relai on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free. While we will be using Relai as a wallet example in this guide, the process is essentially the same with all bitcoin wallets.

Once you have set up your wallet (and backed it up), you can start using it. Before you can send bitcoin, however, you will have to buy some. 

To buy bitcoin with Relai, you simply put in the amount you want to buy in EUR or CHF, add the IBAN of the bank account you will make the payment from, pay for the bitcoin using your banking app, and confirm the transaction in the Relai app.

The entire bitcoin purchase process will only take you a few minutes, and you will receive your bitcoin in your wallet as soon as the bank payment settles. 

Now that you have bitcoin in your wallet, follow these steps to send bitcoin to someone.

  • Ask your recipient to share their bitcoin wallet address. A wallet address is a string of alphanumerical characters and will look something like this: bc1qr9x4hdwwc53v6wwuxt310h7aek7uv8vwg8g3uh
  • Open the Relai app and click on the B icon to view your wallet.
  • Next, you need to click on the ‘Send’ button to view the send screen.
  • Type in the amount of bitcoin you would like to send and click “next.”
  • Then you paste the recipient’s wallet address into the BTC address field (or scan your recipient’s wallet QR code) and click “next.”
  • Finally, you double check that the transaction details are correct, and you complete the transaction by clicking on “confirm.”

That’s it!

Sending bitcoin to someone is that simple.

Relai doesn’t charge any in-app fees to send or receive bitcoin, so you will only have the pay the Bitcoin network transaction fee, which typically amounts to around one euro. 

To buy bitcoin within minutes and without ID verification, download Relai today!

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