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How to Buy Bitcoin in Denmark in 3 Easy Steps

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Buy Bitcoin in Denmark

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to buy bitcoin in Denmark. Most crypto exchanges are too complicated for newcomers and, to make matters worse, they typically require you to complete a cumbersome ID verification process before you can even make your first purchase. Fortunately, a better option is available now: Relai.

Relai is Europe’s easiest bitcoin investment app that allows anyone to invest in bitcoin within minutes and without the need for ID verification.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to buy bitcoin in Denmark using the Relai app.

Buying Bitcoin with Relai: Here’s How

Buying bitcoin using the Relai app is so simple, it only requires three basic steps:

  1. Download the Relai app. It’s available for Android and iOS.
  2. Put in the amount of bitcoin (BTC) you want to buy (in euros).
  3. Make a euro bank transfer to complete the transaction.

It’s important to point out that Relai currently only supports EUR and CHF payments, which means Danish investors will need to have a EUR bank account to use Relai. If your bank doesn’t provide a EUR account, there are numerous banking apps – such as Revolut and N26 – that provide EUR accounts to Danish residents. Once you are set up with a EUR account, you are good to go. 😊

Now, let’s break that down into more detail to make it as easy as possible for you to buy your first bitcoin using Relai.

Relai app
  • Download the Relai mobile app (iOS or Android)
  • Choose a passcode and back up your wallet. You can find the wallet backup function in ‘Settings.’ (Write down your backup phrase and store it safely. )
  • Input in the amount of BTC you want to buy. You can start with as little as €10 and buy as much as €90 on your first purchase. From the next purchase onwards, you can buy as much as €900 a day.
  • Click ‘Next’ to view the payment details that you will need for your EUR bank transfer. 
  • Make the payment to Relai’s brokerage partner, Bity, using a EUR bank transfer. Make sure to add the reference number to the transaction.

And that’s it! Buying bitcoin can be THAT simple. 😀

Your purchased bitcoin will arrive as soon as your bank transfer has settled.

To buy bitcoin today, download the Relai app now.

Get the Relai App now!
The easiest way to invest in bitcoin

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